S. NoNamesDepartmentTheme/ProductCompany Name
1Mr. CH.Harshith KumarCSETo improve the efficiency of a drone copter based on a green cover fixing using a radar which identifies the green cover automatically to enhance efficiency in drone copter (UAV)Awaiting Registration
Mr.PhilipPaul (URK19CS1228)             
Mr. D.M.BevinGeoff (URK19CS1018)
2Ms. P. Srisha (URK19AC1131)AgricultureRow to row method of fertilizer application machine which is very easy to handle by the farmers, cost effective and acceptable in all land formsFerdicator
Mr. A. Sanjay (URK19AC1148)
Mr. A. Derak Gladio (URK19AC1011)
Mr. M. Mohamed Ashif (URK19AC1127)
3Mr. Vinith Arockiasamy (URK18AE014)Aero SpaceCeres, a user-friendly AI crop management system that can be implemented in drone/ robotNerd fliers
4Mr. Sanu Santhosh UURK18RA024)RoboticsEnsures fertilizer benefits by optimizing soil PH. Increases crop yieldInnoagri
Mr. Kevin Yesudas (ULK18RA001)
Mr. Amal Sjan (URK18RA00003)
Mr. Delwin Mathew Joseph (URK18RA004)
5Mr. Joy Sam Raj. M (URK20CS1066)CSEClients modern business problems can be solved by modern computers via web and desktop applications.Dev DukesUS
6Mr. US Manikanda (URK20EC1100)ECEFFF 3D printers most commonly print in PLA or ABS plasticUS Enterprices
7Mr. J. Midhun (URK20AI1047)CSEAn easy platform for booking the charging slots or the customers who uses the EV carsEco charge
Mr. R. Manohar (URK20AI1057)
Mr. B. Praveen (URK20AI1060)
8Mr. Thilak Kumar (PRK20MS1081)MBACreate an integrated mobile app so that the event photographers and the people can find it easy to reach each other and satisfy their requirementsWedin
9Mr. Victor Immanuel. C (PRK19CE1004)Civil (alumni)Virtual reality techniques, making use of this, elements can avoid any collisions, construction errors leading to real time model modificationsVRWereld
Mr. Jerushan Jeyraj (RRK21CE1004)
Ms. Lavanya Anapa (PRK19CS5003)
Mr. K. Sri Venkata Naga Raju (PRK19MS1095)
Mr. Satya Narayana Swamy Deonepudi (PRK19CE1010
S. NoNamesDepartmentTheme/ProductCompany Name
1Dr. S. Rajesh, Professor and HeadApplied PhysicsHealthcare assistive energy device for physically challenged people.Four i Tech R&D solutions pvt ltd
Dr. R. Nandhakumar, ProfessorApplied Chemistry
Dr. B. Vidhya, Assistant ProfessorApplied Physics
Dr. A. Sakunthala, Assistant ProfessorApplied Physics
2Dr. S. Rajesh, Professor and HeadApplied PhysicsLow power lighted weight ExosuitFour i Tech R&D solutions pvt ltd
Dr. R. Nandhakumar, ProfessorApplied Chemistry
Dr. B. Vidhya, Assistant ProfessorApplied Physics
Dr. A. Sakunthala, Assistant ProfessorApplied Physics
3Dr. R. Philip Sridhar, ProfessorAgricultureElectronic device for mosquito eradication in septic ChambersCulex Mosquito Trap
Dr. P. Rajalakshmy, HoD / Associate ProfessorRobotics Engineering
Dr. X Anitha Mary, Associate ProfessorRobotics Engineering
4Dr. N.M.Siva Mangai, Associate ProfessorECEAvoiding animal intrusion in farm lands by installing a fence mounted fiber optic sensor cables. FIOPSE security
Dr. D. Sugumar, Associate ProfessorECE
5Dr. T. Sujithra, Assistant ProfessorLow cost device for smart traffic control systems by reducing the average waiting time of emergency vehicles in signals and also to address the problems in conventional traffic control systems.
Dr. P. Getzi Jeba, Associate Professor
Dr. S. Punitha, Assistant Professor
Dr. R. Manoranjitham, Assistant Professor
6Dr. P. Jegathambal, ProfessorWater InstituteTreatment of textile dyeing effluent from small  scale industriesMayim Chayim
Dr. K Indira Petchiammal, Assistant ProfessorAgriculture
Dr. J. Srinivasan, Assistant ProfessorAgriculture
Dr. Prawin Angel Mechael, Associate ProfessorAerospace Engineering
Dr. Sabitha Jannet, Assistant ProfessorMechanical Engineering
7Dr. G. Hemalatha, Professor & HoDCivil EngineeringLight-weight aggregate coated with nano cementitious material as a substitute for coarse aggregate.Awaiting Registration
Dr. S. Vincent Sam Jebadurai, Assistant ProfessorCivil Engineering
Dr. E. Arun Raj, Assistant ProfessorCivil Engineering
8Dr. P. Jegathambal, ProfessorWater InstituteAgriculture residue managementMayim Chayim
Dr. K. Indira Petchiammal,Agriculturesystem
Assistant Professor
Dr. J. Srinivasan,Agriculture
Assistant Professor
Dr. C. Mayilsamy, HoD / Professor Water InstituteWater Institute
Dr. T.K. Kumari Sugitha, Assistant ProfessorAgriculture
Dr. Susan Poonguzhali, Assistant ProfessorAgriculture
Dr. K. Aruna, Associate Professorcommerce
9Dr S Jebasingh,MathematicsIntroducing a New Cube puzzle (mind game) 2x2 and 3x3 Cube puzzle with Truchet contours    Qurious Minds Private Limited
Associate Professor
10Dr. M.Suguna Devakumari, Assistant ProfessorAgricultureComplexity in water quality analysisAwaiting Registration
R. Alex Immanual Jeyasingh, I M.Sc. AgronomyDesigning a cost – effective portable nitrate analyzer for water with smartphone camera and optical devices
11Dr. S. Carolin Jeeva, Assistant ProfessorDigital SciencesIoT based water quality monitoringAwaiting Registration
Dr. Suguna Devakumari M, Assistant Professor&Real time monitoring of water quality - Automation and IoT
Mr. Ryan PowellAgriculture
12Dr. Sneha GautamCivilSoftware for Language Editing Services for paper publication. This will be useful for scholars who wish to publish papers and articles.Awaiting Registration
Assistant Professor
Dr. Hemalatha, Professor and HoD Civil
Dr. E Arunraj, Assistant Professor
Ms Roshini P Kumar
Mr. Cyril Samuel
13Dr. David Paul Raj.R S, Associate ProfessorBiotechnologyTraditional Herbal oil for pain relief Testing, validation and marketing.Awaiting Registration
Dr. Premnath Dhanraj Assistant Professor
Dr. Sajan Kurian Professor and Dean SABS
Dr. Jebasingh
Associate Professor
1Dr. Dileep Kumar. RM/s Indriyam BiologicsPoojapura, Thiruvananthapuram, KeralaINDHAN – A fully automated bio diesel processor
V-SENS – Snake venom detection biosensor.
2Mr. G. Gowtham Sithaarth,M/s Linga TechnologiesKPN colony, Tiruppur, Tamil NaduAwaiting Registration
3Mr. Varoon DamodaranBirchwood Pets 403, Suparshav, Sarvodaya Nagar, Nahur road, Mulund WestAwaiting Registration
Mumbai - 400080
4Mr. G. Paul Robinson GnanarajMappu SoftN:60, Pasumai Nagar, Karunya Nagar,Awaiting Registration
Coimbatore - 641114