History of the School:

Evangeline Mat. Hr. Sec. School was started in the year 1991 in the name of Lat. Sis Evangeline Dhinakaran the only daughter of Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakaran and Sis. Stella Dhinakarnan who left the world at the age of 17 in a tragic road accident. The school is situated at Karunya Nagar nearly 26 Kms away from the city of Coimbatore at the foothills of Siruvani. The school was started to serve the children of the staff &the local public located in the rural area.

Objective of the School:

  • To assist the students in their quest for knowledge by providing all round education for the development of body, mind and spirit with the Grace of God.
  • To mould every student to attain divine qualities, to transmit the light of Almighty in this dark world and thus be responsible citizens.
  • To enable every student to achieve a very successful career and to be placed in the highest levels of society.
  • To serve the society around Karunya Nagar by offering them high quality of education at an affordable cost.

Salient features of the School:

Evangeline Matriculation Higher Secondary School regards education as a process by which a child is moulded into an emotionally balanced, physically healthy, intellectually objective and spiritually conscious individual who can fruitfully and happily live in the society with others. The school wants to make its students aware of those concerns through a well-designed programme of formal and informal education. The following are the special efforts taken through which the goals could be achieved.

  • Individualized education
  • Computer Aided learning
  • Co-curricular and extra curricular activities to improve their overall personality.
  • Scholarship for the poor and meritorious students
  • Laboratories - Well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • Activity oriented teaching
  • General Knowledge - Quiz programmes
  • Education and field trips/tours.
  • Games and sports - Has separate indoors court for badminton. Outdoor Football, volleyball and Basketball courts are available inside the campus exclusively for the school
  • Guidance and counselling to inculcate moral values

Faculty of the School:

Evangeline Matric Higher Sec School aims at maintaining faculty with dedication and commitment. In conformity with the standard of excellence aimed at by Karunya, the faculty is a team of carefully selected dedicated persons with high academic qualification and rich experience with a record of meritorious achievements to their credit.


Our school is the only institution around a radius of 20 km with good infrastructure such as spacious class rooms, vast area of Playground, well maintained laboratories, computer centre with qualified, trained and experienced staff. Hence most of the parents around our institution and even from a distance of 20 km prefer our school.

Student Strength:

The students are admitted from around a radius of 20 Kms. Most of the parents put their wards for the quality in Education, best infrastructure that any other rural school could not offer them. The strength of the school has increased in all the academic years.